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From 2010 to the present, Bonding Against Adversity has trained about 2,000 community volunteers. Bonding Against Adversity offers different services to the community and with limited resources, we need help from volunteers. You can become a volunteer today. All you must do is communicate with us and start.

The philosophy of volunteering is beautiful, because as human beings, when we help others, in some way, we help ourselves. Contact us today and we will find a way for you to volunteer, we have many opportunities available.

August 2015

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Give us your contact information and we'll contact you to see how you can volunteer with Bonding Against Adversity. You do not need to be bilingual to volunteer.

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Everyone can help in some way, it's not necessary to be bilingual. Over 2400 Volunteers have helped Bonding Against Adversity.  JOIN US TODAY!