Immigration & Vaccination

Campaign to raise awareness in our community about the Covid-19 vaccine by distributing information on benefits, facts and rumors. Working hand in hand with community members, organizations, business providers and government officials to increase access to vaccinations for all communities. We provide educational information about immigration and vaccination.

Bonding Against Adversity works with the mission of providing access to the Covid-19 vaccine sites, to ensure the communities we serve has the opportunity to move safely and return to work

Familia Junta, Familia Sana

Bonding Against Adversity trabaja CampaƱa para concientizar a nuestra comunidad sobre la vacuna Covid-19 distribuyendo informaciĆ³n sobre beneficios, hechos y rumores. Trabajando conjuntamente con voluntarios, organizaciones educacionales, organizaciones sociales, proveedores comerciales y funcionarios gubernamentales para aumentar el acceso a las vacunas. Brindamos informaciĆ³n educativa sobre inmigraciĆ³n y vacunaciĆ³n.

Bonding Against Adversity trabaja para proveer acceso a los sitos de vacunas de covid-19 y asugurarnos que las comunidades que servimos se mantenga juntas y saludables.

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